BAS1S Architecture + Design

We are a multi-disciplinary Design firm offering Architecture, Branding, and Graphic Design services. We believe strongly that design can improve multiple aspects of our lives and every-day experiences. Our process starts with that end experience in mind. We spend time researching and working with you to define what you want your customers to feel about their interaction with your space, your brand, or how you want your life to look in your own space.

2007 100 Year Party Ct., Unit 1, Longmont, CO
(303) 848-3740

M - F 8am-5:30pm

Neon Space Lab

Neon Space Lab is a multidisciplinary design studio helping clients hone and translate their strategy into compelling creative – online and off.
We chose to locate here because Prospect isn’t a conventional suburban neighborhood. The urban planning, architecture and concentration of unique businesses, makes Prospect a vibrant place to live and work.

1050 Neon Forest Circle #East, Longmont, CO 80504

M-F 8am-5pm

Prospect Artist Association

The Prospect Artists Association invites any creative person living or working in Prospect New Town to join the PAA – Visual Artists, Photographers, Jewelers, Architects, Graphic Artists, Writers, Musicians, Florists, Chefs, Poets, Actors. This is a special community of artists with unique expressions to match the unique architecture where they live and work.

Prospect New Town, Longmont, CO

Red Pencil Architecture

Red Pencil Architecture is a collaborative partnership founded in 2012 by Marty Beauchamp and Andrew Dratch. We’re a residential design studio focused on creating exceptional places to live while providing the utmost in quality architectural design and personal client service. Innovative solutions are achieved through a common blend of design expertise, market awareness and real world construction experience.

726A Tenacity Drive, Longmont, CO 80504
(303) 358-6400

M-F by appointment

Russell Coburn Gallery

Russell Coburn is a gifted potter who began making his first high-fired pots in High School in 1968. He went on to study pottery at Lewis & Clark College in Oregon and UNC in Colorado and began showing in prestigious Santa Fe galleries. Studying Ceramics and Archaeology at CU, he became an expert in early cultures of the Southwest and around the world, providing him valuable information about prehistoric ceramics.

700 Tenacity Dr., Unit 102, Longmont, CO
(720) 778-7711

W-Sat 11am-6pm
and by appointment

Studio Six Branding

Studio Six is a multi-disciplinary, creative BRANDING and DESIGN AGENCY. We help emerging, high-growth companies and forward-thinking municipalities launch, promote and revitalize their brands. We work with organizations that need a competitive edge and understand that brand recognition will attract ideal clients and increase overall profitability.

1114 Neon Forest Circle, #6, Longmont, CO 80504
(303) 652-6230

M-F 8am-5pm

Featured Creative
BAS1s architecture + design

The BAS1S team’s aim is to use their design skills to improve the world around us. The practice focus is a testament to that, as the lion’s share of the architectural work involves inclusive design; shared spaces such as community buildings, infill & re-purposed buildings that improve communities, mixing uses to diversify commerce and living, and personal enclaves that evoke individual satisfaction. Much of our work has also been improving business for non-profits, our way of supporting those who support others.

They purposefully seek out clients whose role is to enhance communities through their work. Their best reward is when clients see the results of purposeful design on their bottom line.