Being original causes a stir.

That’s why we have gotten so much attention from local, regional and national publications. Here is a sampling.



Santa Claus Visits Prospect Neighborhood Residents Light Tree, Adopt Families in Need

Longmont Times-Call: December 4, 2011

“Santa Claus makes a visit to the Prospect New Town neighborhood for a tree lighting ceremony Sunday. Prospect merchants and residents collaborated…


Each cottage has its own colorful identity

by Petra Spiess, Cottage Living: May/June 2007

“Just south of the town of Longmont, Colorado, you see a riot of color off to the left. Suddenly it hits you: That’s a neighborhood…”


Why People Love Prospect; Longmont, Colorado

Rocky Mountain & Boulder Colorado Real Estate: 11-11-2009

“A newer subdivision along the Front Range of Longmont Colorado that needs your attention is Prospect…”


America’s coolest neighborhood: renegade developer reinvents suburbia

by Karrie Jacobs, Dwell Magazine: April 2002

“It could have been just another New Urbanist Development…but somehow Prospect, in Colorado…became a laboratory for a new generation of American modernism.”


Is this your beautiful house?

by Ron Lieber, Fast Company: July 2001

“…when passersby first see the houses there, they tend to stop in their tracks. Often cars turn off the highway altogether…


Welcome to Pleasantville

by Greg Campbell, The Daily Times-Call, April 4, 1999

LONGMONT—It’s not quite The Truman Show, but it was designed by the same people who built Seaside…


Everything Old Is New Again

by Alan Katz, The Denver Post, April 21, 1997

Housing is coming full circle, and in three years it will be possible to buy a new Denver home that looks like it was built in 1902…


Revisionist Approach Finds Test Ground Here

by Alan Katz for The Denver Post, November 14, 1995

Kiki Wallace was wondering how to develop his 80-acre tree farm when he saw a Wall Street Journal story about Andres Duany…


Old-fashioned Project Popular in East Encounters Misgivings

by Carol Wood, The Denver Business Journal, October 21, 1994

Plans for an 80-acre, $37 million “new-town” development designed by influential Miami architects Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk…


A New Neighborhood

by Susan McCann, The Daily-Times Call, October 2, 1994

LONGMONT — The old yellow farm house on the corner of Pike Road and Main Street — sadly in need of repair…


Longmont Home Project Brings Back ‘Neighborhood’

by Marci Asner, The Boulder County Business Report, July, 1994

LONGMONT—”If you replace the farm , do it with an even trade.” That’s the recommendation of Andres Duany, one of the architects for John “Kiki” Wallace’s proposed …


Longmont Town Plan Aims to Integrate the Best of Midwestern Architecture

by Vicky Gits, The Daily Camera, January 25, 1994

Houses, shops, and shops combined with housing are part of the futuristic plan designed by a team of professional town planners from Miami…


World-famous Architect Sells Turn-of-the-century Twist to New Town Designs

by Vicky Gits, The Daily Camera, January 18, 1994

Americans oppose growth because contemporary suburban design is terrible, says architect Andres Duany of Miami…


Village People: Ideas for the Future

by Susan McCann, The Daily Times-Call, January 14, 1994

A Florida-based design team set up shop at the Dickens Opera House Thursday in a quest for ideas on creating a new neighborhood with a turn-of-the-century flavor…


Old Style Towns Where People Walk Have Modern Backers

by Eric Morgenthaler for The Wall Street Journal, February 1, 1993

Towns should be designed for walking, as well as for driving. Yet today, such simple insights are helping make…


In 1996 Prospect won a Governor’s Smart Growth Award for its innovative alternative to suburban sprawl. In addition, numerous articles have been written about the community documenting its growth and success.





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