Date(s) - 08/29/2016
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Downtown Prospect Park
2011 100 Year Party Court
Longmont, CO

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piKziL is a warm and primordial roux, a hot tango between Astrud Gilberto and Debbie Harry. piKziL is cool, urbane, a place where trumpets float like Dark Rum in a Mai Tai, as magnetic orbits intersect in space. Their first release unveils a comforting crackle of vinyl long-play as violins swell in anticipation of a grand reveal. Slippery Sambas bent on a warm embrace, elegantly caramelize particles out of every sound. This is an alternate universe where taxicab girls lie silky and hot, sunning in lounge chairs by the pool of an imaginary motel. The music is cinematic, evocative, funky, and inexplicably sentimental. Brunch at the edge of the world.

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