Artifacts for the Urban Nester

Nest is filled with unique, one of a kind pieces hand picked by Lori. Whether it’s vintage furniture or beautiful enamel pitcher, Lori looks for pieces rich in character and lovely patinas. There is a mix of old and new, books and nature, vintage and new artwork, old world textiles, rugs and pillows, antique chandeliers and old pulleys just waiting to be transformed into unique lighting fixtures with the addition of an Edison Bulb. Tarnished silver and creamy colored chinaware are favorites. The shop is always changing.
You may find a big overstuffed chair or an antique bees keep for your garden.
Green mother ferns wrapped in moss adorn the walls. Spring and summer will bring a selection of outdoor plantings, some done up in vintage pottery.
Nest is proud to carry Local Wisdom greeting cards.
Hand poured botanical candles from Rosy Rings/Peacock Parfumerie.
Zents, a beautiful line of body care products made from pure ingredients

Nest proudly supports local artisans selling Birch Twig wreaths, folk art oil paintings and lovingly crafted fern plantings.
Come visit and let Nest be your inspiration.

Specials & Events
(303) 834-8842
2015 Ionosphere
Longmont, CO 80504
Monday - Saturday
10:00am - 6:00pm
10:00am - 4:00pm
Meet Owner
Lori O'Donnell

Lori was born and raised in Denver Colorado.  If you ask Lori what drew her to the antique business she will tell you two things.
One is for “The Love of the Old”, everything tattered, chipped and worn that bring comfort and happiness to the place you call home.
The other is her passion for helping turn a house into a cozy home. Sharing that passion is Lori’s mother Angie. Lori inherited her “love of the old” from her mother. Weekends spent at Tag Sales and Vintage shops with her mother soon fueled  Lori’s passion.  In 1986 Lori and her husband David began their life together growing their family and remodeling historic homes in Denver, before moving to Longmont. “The love of the old” continued when they purchased their beautiful historic home in Old Town. As the family grew, so did Lori’s inventory of treasures tucked into the attic, garage and storage spaces. Soon Lori was hosting her own Tag Sales and participating as a Vendor in large sales selling her own collections. Lori had a following and customers loved her sense of style, passion and enthusiasm so when the opportunity came to transition from selling at vintage markets to buying Nest Antiques, Lori knew she could have the best of both worlds-Mother, wife and shop owner.

Stop into this warm unique shop located in Prospect New Town, Longmont Colorado and experience Lori’s, Love of the Old. Let Nest help you make your house a home.