Native Eyewear

Since 1998, being NATIVE has been about staying connected to origins: geographically, genetically, by upbringing, or by finding our own way. It is this connection that defines us, regardless of other definitions, where we live or how we spend our time. We venture forward into the landscapes and frontiers of our lives holding a unique and chosen identity, discovering new currency of experience, and retrieving deeper resources of memory and exchange. However you choose to pursue your connection, Native has you covered with lifetime warranty-protected premium polarized eyewear that is engineered specifically for long-term use under the most demanding of environments. After all, Native Eyewear is the only polarized, high-definition, color-enhancing, interchangeable, UV-protecting, impact-rated lenses you don’t have to sell your other gear to get.

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1114 Neon Forest Circle, Unit 5
Mon - Fri, 8am-5pm
Meet Owner

At Native Eyewear, we’ve always been fascinated by places. Born in Philadelphia, in 1998, the brand was living an urban life and daydreaming of the mountains. In 2008, it was time to make the dream a reality and the brand moved to Colorado. Even in the midst of this mile-high fresh air, our eagerness to explore continued to grow. And explore is exactly what we did.