A Nonpareil Approach to Footwear for the Fashion Forward Gal

Joyfolie,  pronounced “joyfully” is derived from the French word “folie,” meaning frenzy/madness, for the joyful irrational way in which we love our children.

The Joyfolie design studio is located here in Prospect on Neon Forest Circle. The design studio is a workspace where the  Joyfolie collections are designed and made available online at The breathtaking space is used for photoshoots, designing upcoming collections, graphic design for the website and customer and public relations.

The talented staff uses the space to work, but Joyfolie invites guests into the space on select Saturdays of each month to steal a glimpse into the world of Joyfolie. The studio has a small retail area that has a limited selection of Joyfolie sample shoes & boots, accessories, clothing used for photoshoots, unique gifts, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Specials & Events
1050 Neon Forest Circle
Longmont, CO 80504
Tu - Sa 11am - 6pm
Meet Owner
Jessica Haley

Jessica, owner and mother of two, began handmaking booties for her infant daughter. With a friends prompting she sold them on etsy in 2009. Very quickly, Joyfolie grew into the the fashion forward company it is today.  Joyfolie now offers apparel, accessories, jewelry and continues to carry shoes and boots that are something to behold. The unexpected details of feather fringe, peep toes, glittered bows, or vintage inspired- fabrics set Joyfolie apart. Joyfolie sells to Fortune-500 companies and have worked with well-known retailers such as Gap Inc, Chasing Fireflies, and Anthropologie.