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It’s smart business to locate in a place where you can connect with like minded people, walk around the corner for a business lunch, and have easy access to surrounding cities. It’s also one of the few places in the country that has a high speed fiber optic network so business can happen faster than anywhere else in Colorado.

That’s why Prospect is home to numerous artists, design studios, technology experts and innovative companies.

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Amy Mathews

Born and raised in the California Mojave Desert, her world was a tangle of dry tumbleweeds and Joshua trees. The barren landscape surroundings were not much inspiration for pursuing art at the time. Later, she attended college in San Diego where she majored in Behavioral Science and built a career in Human Resources. In 2004, Amy moved to the Rocky Mountains. The beauty of Colorado became a great inspiration and her love for painting was born. She has been creating ever since.

It was Mathews’ mentors, Linda Sole Faul and Lillian Kennedy, who helped to give her a solid foundation in art and continue to help her along her journey. They have always guided her to learn what worked well and understand technique, but to also discover her own voice and unique style.  Amy carved out her niche in her signature “Impasto Art” which means ‘to lay paint thickly’.

Most of all, she finds her passion for creating in the life that she lives.

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